I usually consider myself to be technologically challenged.  Ever since I started using technology, I thought it hated me.  Technology is now a part of my every day life; I just did not expect it to be such a large part of my major.  Back in elementary school I had to write journal entries, now I am blogging.  I never thought I would ever have to write a blog for journalism.  I simply thought of it as a hobby for people.  Now I have to write a blog for a journalism class and for my internship with Tehama Group Communications.

To me, it is crazy that blogging is becoming an important factor in journalists finding a job.  I never knew that this tool would be such an important factor in finding a job.  I am actually glad that this changing technology will help me in the future.

As helpful as this technology may be, it always intimidates me.  Reading about all the people that have been sued for their blogs scares me.  I know this is a changing technology and it will help me in the future, but its rather scary.  As a journalism major I know about credibility, but it is an issue for bloggers. Hopefully this new challenge will be a good experience and help me in my future job hunt.