In a house of seven girls, it is a given that at least one reality show will be watched on a daily basis. Whether the show be on MTV, VH1, ABC, CBS or Bravo. Almost every television station has at least one reality show of its own.  Reality shows have become a part of the American culture.  It seems that networks have become desperate for ratings.  If all else fails, there is always another “reality” show waiting to happen.

The problem with reality shows is the alternate view it gives on reality.  Shows like The Hills give viewers the impression that this is the glamorous life in Los Angeles, never mind that the show is partly scripted.  Reality television has corrupted society; young girls are easily influenced by these shows.  Then again, isn’t that the point?  Isn’t MTV’s goal to influence young girls and surround them with the stereotypical “glamorous life” of Los Angeles?  Reality shows like The Hills, in truth, make people blind to what is REAL.  

The worst of reality shows are the dating shows.  What woman in their right mind actually believed they could find love with Bret Michaels?  At least ABC has dating shows with a hint of dignity.  Shows like The Bachelor and The Bachelorette at least cast the classier individuals to compete for love.

Compete for love…as I repeat that statement, I think how reality shows have given us an alternate view on reality.  Are these competitions for love normal?Television networks sure do try and make it seem that way.  The average person can probably list off a dozen reality dating shows without much effort, if any.  America is, to say the least, obsessed with these reality dating shows, regardless or how real they may or may not be.  

If a person were to count the number of successful relationships these shows have produced, the only seemingly successful relationship is Ryan and Trista Sutter.  These shows give Americans a tangled view of “reality.”  Every reality show star wants America to believe that their show is real.  Some even promise that their show will be “real”.  I guess America will just have to sit and watch.  Maybe in the future reality shows will stop giving viewers an alternate view on reality and actually show us what is real.