Imagine a community of complete anonymity, where people share their most personal secrets with whoever happens to stumble upon them.  This community is PostSecret, which began as a community art project.  PostSecret has exploded into a worldwide community and has shared more than 180,000 secrets with the world.

PostSecret was created in 2004 by Frank Warren.    People can send postcards to PostSecret; these postcards reveal secrets of the senders.  These secrets are sometimes comical and sometimes emotional.  The postcards are either published in one of four books, in art galleries or in the blog, which is updated every Sunday.  

“Since the economy tanked I have become an unemployed mother of three who now grows marijuana to make ends meet,” one person writes.

“Thank you for letting other people’s secrets discover the same within myself,” another person writes.

The secret of this community?  It’s impact on people.  I discovered PostSecret after the first book was published.  I was in Urban Outfitters flipping through the pages of PostSecret, which was published in 2005.  At first I was not sure what I was reading, then I realized that these were real people revealing their secrets to the world.  Some secrets made me laugh, while other made me want to cry.

PostSecret is a community, that any one can be a part of.  The best part about it, it is completely anonymous.  Unlike communities like Facebook, where people can be judged for how they are perceived through their profile.  PostSecret is a different kind of community, which allows people to truly express themselves without revealing their identity.

I realize that not all people appreciate the PostSecret community and what it has done for so many people.  Some use sarcasm to describe PostSecret.  The secrets that some people share are unimaginable, some leave you feeling disgusted.  To use such a sarcastic tone about PostSecret is insulting to the more than 180,000 people who have shared their secrets.  

PostSecret is a community unlike any other.  It has united thousands of people who will never know one another.  This community has the power to bring people to their knees.  PostSecret is a community every person should experience.  It is a unique community, which is only growing larger every year.  The Web site has had more than 270,000,000 hits and another book is due to be released this month.