Journalists can learn many things from bloggers in this changing world.  Journalists should learn that it is ok to bend the rules and make up some new ones as they go.  Blogging is a thing of the future, and journalists stop resisting the change and learn a little bit about blogging.  It is a great skill to have and it will help people succeed in the future.  It is not necessarily a bad thing to reveal opinions in writing; bloggers do it, why shouldn’t journalists?  Also, journalists should be open to discussion with their readers.

The Web is changing fast and traditional media should also embrace this change.  The change is good; the public likes it.  Give the readers what they want.  Traditional media outlets do not necessarily need to completely switch over to online, but it will help them in the end.  There needs to be a balance between online media and traditional media, because there are neo-Luddites out there who refuse to switch over to online media.  These media outlets should also use social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.  People use these sites, as should traditional media outlets.

Things are changing, but at the same time there are still people out there who will never switch over.  Media outlets need to keep a balance.  Appeal to the majority but also keep the minority in mind.  They will stay loyal as long as the media outlets are still keeping their interests in mind.