Guerilla marketing is a new kind of campaign.  Guerilla marketing is not your average marketing campaign.  It uses a shock factor that draws in the largest crowds.  This type of campaigning is becoming more popular among different businesses, as well as public relations professionals.

Guerilla marketing was a new thing to me until the past couple of years.  I had never heard of it until the movie, Forgetting Sarah Marshall was released.  In one of my classes someone mentioned that the advertisements for this movie were a form of guerilla marketing.  I remember seeing all of these advertisements around town, on buses, billboards, etc.  I had no clue what they were at first, but I was interested.

That’s the thing about guerilla marketing, it works and it works well.  It makes people aware in a very clever way.  It catches their attention and usually makes them want to learn more about whatever is being advertised.

I think guerilla marketing in public relations is a very good thing, it is a new tactic and will help public relations professionals get their clients name out there.

Public relations is about communication and promoting the client.  With guerilla marketing and branding this can all be a successful form of public relations.

All public relations professionals should try out guerilla marketing, experiment a little with it and see what happens.  It seemed to work well for the movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall.