Recently, I have been appalled by Google and the recent news regarding search results.

The concept of search engine optimization is a great idea, but it should also not promote such negative results, like the one of the first lady, Michelle Obama.  It disappoints me how disrespectful people are.  And the worst part, search engine optimization made this possible.

Google has apologized for the offensive photo, but refuses to remove it from the search results.  This photo is still the third photo on the image search of Michelle Obama.  There is also a very racist photo of Barack Obama under the first page of his image search.

The company that posted the photo claims that the photo has been removed, but why does it still show up under the search?

I feel like I should boycott Google for something like this.  Google should step up and take a stand against racially offensive images.  It makes me wonder, is our country really that racist?

Google refusing to remove the image is extremely disrespectful to the first lady.  There must be something that they can do, or at least attempt to do to stop something like this from happening again.  For example, there is SafeSearch.  Google does have the ability to control search results.  Why refuse to remove the racist photo of Michelle Obama?

Search engine optimization was created with standards, why can these standards not be changed?  Why can their not be restrictions to search results?

Google has really disappointed me with this one.